Myths of Ageing

To be old is to be sick – Old age does not necessarily bring disease and disability. Many seniors can live in good health and do not have to be confined to nursing homes.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks – If you think old age means that you can't learn new things, think again. Seniors can learn new things if they have regular physical activity, a strong social support system and the belief that they can handle what life has to offer. What's to stand in the way of them making new friends and enjoying life?

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The horse is out of the barn – It's never too late to change any bad habits. New habits of healthy eating, regular exercise, mental activity and a strong social life are very effective in combating the byproducts of previous bad habits and unhealthy living.

The secret to successful ageing is to choose your parents wisely – Heredity and genes are not the be-all and end-all in determining your health status. Lifestyle habits are also very important indicators of successful and healthy ageing.

The lights may be on, but the voltage is low – Many people assume that mental and physical abilities decline with age. This is only true to a certain extent. Every person ages differently, and mental acuity and physical ability are greatly affected by attitude and lifestyle habits.

The elderly don't pull their own weight – The assumption that most seniors are unemployed, and that they have nothing to offer society, is wrong. The older population can work for pay, or volunteer in religious activities, hospitals or charities. Others provide informal aid to family members, friends and neighbors. Seniors play some of the most important roles in society both in formal positions within the community, and, more importantly in their informal roles as parents, grandparents, friends and neighbors.

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