Manage Weight With a Healthy Breakfast

Eat a high quality breakfast to fight obesity.

by Kasmiah Mustapha

Breakfast may indeed be the most important meal of the day — as long as it constitutes low-calorie foods which translate into a high quality diet.

A study has found that breakfast foods low in energy density (lower calories for a given amount of food) appear to predict better food choices for the day and may help with weight management.

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The findings, reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, noted that fruits, vegetables and high-fibre whole grains, for example, are low in energy density, while Danish pastries and doughnuts have a high energy density.

The study supports previous studies that breakfast-eaters are less likely to be overweight and that eating a high-quality breakfast is the key to fighting obesity.

It also said men who ate a healthy breakfast generally weighed less. Women who ate breakfast, regardless of the food involved, tended to weigh less than those who did not.

Overall, people who ate a low energy-density breakfast the previous day were likely to choose lower-calorie foods for the day. They also had a higher-quality diet and ate a variety of foods.

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