More Young Malaysians at Risk From Heart Disease

KUALA LUMPUR : More young Malaysians below 40 are at risk of getting heart attacks due to a poor diet and an unhealthy lifestyle, said Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (PPUKM) cardiology unit head Assoc Prof Dr Oteh Maskon.

He attributed this to the craving for teh tarik, roti canai, nasi lemak and smoking, as well as a lack of exercise. They are at risk from obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes which lead to heart ailments.

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He said 5% of 450 patients admitted to PPUKM in the past one year were below 40 and most of them were diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes.

Dr Oteh said the youngest heart patient at PPUM was a 23-year-old male with metabolic syndrome and a family history of heart disease while a simple heart surgery was conducted on a 29-year-old male.

"We also had a 38-year-old woman with three artery blockages and who is also a diabetic. This is shocking as women are hardly known to have heart disease at that age," he said.

He said a family history of heart disease accounted for 10% of heart patients admitted to the medical centre.

"A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet must start at a young age. Avoid smoking and exercise regularly.

"Go for periodical medical checkups so that early treatment can be administered if you are detected with heart problems," he said, adding that about 30% of sudden deaths occurred in 30% of heart patients before they could be given initial treatment. - Bernama

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