Women and Handbags

by Kasmiah Mustapha

Women and bags. They are inseparable. A woman would feel incomplete without having something to hold on to. But more often than not, women do not choose their bags wisely. Some women lug around huge and heavy bags or carry a few bags at a time. They are willing to endure pain, all in the name of fashion.

Women need to choose bags that are compatible with their body and physical fitness. The problem is that when it comes to fashion, women tend to ignore this.

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Big Bags, Small Bags

For example, there are small women carrying big bags. They do not think of it as a problem. Instead they view it as fashionable.

Women who complain of shoulder and neck pain caused by carrying big or heavy bags need to change their habit by carrying smaller bags. When women use big bags, they tend to carry too many things. With small bags, you are forced to keep some of the stuff out. You may only have your wallet, mobile phone and lipstick because there is just no space.

Women need to make better choices the next time they buy a new bag. While it may look fashionable, the wrong types of bags can cause muscle strain on the shoulders, neck and back.

Shoulder Bag

One of the problems with the shoulder bag is that women tend to carry it on just one shoulder. It would create imbalance and over time, you would have lopsided shoulders.

The constant pulling will stretch the ligaments which hold the bones together. If you stretch them quickly, the fluid in the ligament tissue would disburse faster and quickly.

The imbalance would cause one muscle to be overworked compared to the other. Just like a building, if it is leaning too much, something has to bend the other way to compensate for it. Unlike a building, we are moving and if we do it on top of having imbalance, it would strain the bones, neck and back to the point where your body can no longer compensate for it.

To create balance, women should switch the bag from one shoulder to the other. This will create balance and cause less strain on the shoulder and neck muscles.

Sling Bag

Sling bag will also cause strain although in a different way.

Because it is pulling across your upper body, it tends to be a little more forgiving. You are pulling the bag across a more dense structure as you are wearing it over one side of the body.

Since it is pulling across the spine, it probably have more stability but again, you need to keep the weight down. If it is too heavy, it would stress the shoulder too.

If you are using a sling bag, choose one with wide strap because it will distribute the pressure across a wider region.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are slightly better because women tend to switch them from one hand to the other. This will create the balance needed on the body and lessen the burden on one hand and shoulder.

Because the weight is distributed evenly, it creates the balance needed by the body. Perhaps it is the most ideal for women. However, they need to get small tote bags and put minimal items in them.


Although the backpack may not be as fashionable to women, it is more comfortable as you can evenly distribute the weight of the pack between the shoulders with its set of straps.

You need to wear it high and tight across your back. Otherwise, the bag will move while you are walking and if it is too heavy, it would stress your back.

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